Blackpool Tram DVD 85 – Winter 2016/17

Autumn 2016: Extended highlights of the September anniversary weekend starting on the Friday evening with 31, 600, 717, 733+734 and F736 working Illumination tours; Saturday starts at Rigby Road depot with trams departing and footage from Starr Gate, Pleasure Beach, Gynn Square and Bispham shows all the trams in service plus 304, 631 and 681 on display at RR depot and the 272 incident; Sunday starts at Pleasure Beach with trams arriving, shunting at RR depot with 632, 708, 709 and 732 on display; 718 takes the wrong road at North Pier; 227 uses a rare crossover plus rides on 675, 701, 718, 734 and F736. Trawler 737s relaunch in October following a minor overhaul and fitting of new external lights is included plus brief footage of the last day of the 2016 season with 40 and 717. (65 mins)

Preservation: Balloon 708 and Hovertram 735 returned to Blackpool in September. See both trams arriving plus a visit to the NELSAM site in Sunderland, home of 735 plus preserved Blackpool cars 721, 674+684 and 647. (13 mins)
Year End: 44 trams ran in Blackpool during 2016, all of them are shown here. (15 mins)

The Heritage Fleet – Inside and Out #2 – Car 227: Part two of a new series exploring Blackpool’s Heritage fleet features Boat car 227. The tram is filmed in detail looking at controllers, bogies, seats, destination blinds and many more features before a few short rides. (19 mins)

Nostalgia: Available for the very first time on DVD – Blackpool Tram Video Magazine No.25 – the original version, uncut and exactly how it was released in September 2001. The incredible derailment of 722 on Central prom dominates this edition. (61 mins)

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