Blackpool Tram Shop

Blackpool Tram Shop

Blackpool tram Shop at Blackpool North Pier

In 2009 we opened the Blackpool Tram Shop at North Pier and it has the largest selection of railway and transport DVDs in the North West of England.

Don’t be fooled, from outside it looks like a tiny seafront gift shop but inside you’ll find something like 2000, that’s TWO THOUSAND different railway and transport DVDs (as featured on our sister website

So, if you want to see before you buy, you fancy a browse, or you’re bored one cold wet Sunday afternoon in January – why not come along and see us?

Situated in a great Town Centre location on the prom at the front of North Pier, the only problem we have is that you can’t park outside the shop. There is no parking at all. This is easily resolved as cheap and safe street and car park facilities are available, about 60 seconds away – literally across the road.

Springfield Road and Queen Street (see map) offer on-street parking for about 40p for 30 minutes. If you want to stay longer, try the multi-storey car park in West Street (232 spaces). This is about £1.30 for an hour, increasing in hourly intervals.

If you’re making a special visit, why not pre order your items and we’ll have them ready for you when you arrive. No obligation..

Blackpool Tram Shop

We are easy to find at the front of Blackpool North Pier